About Me


I consider myself to be a considerate and  thorough person with attention to detail.  My eduction as an engineer allows me to consider my clients needs in greater detail.

I work hard to make sure all my clients, either selling or buying,  always have the information they need to get their transaction done efficiently and to their best advantage.

I always tell my clients that they should ask questions when they feel the need and to not be concerned with how trivial it may ne. At the end of a transaction I want y clients to walk away knowing that they were treated with respect and got the best opportunity available at the time.

  • Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors
  • CT Statewide MLS System
"When it comes to buy a house, there is no better person that can help you find your dream home, regardless if you are educated on the real estate market or you are a person like me, that initially knows NOTHING (and I mean, NOTHING !) about it. Ed will patiently educate and guide you through the whole process, answer all your questions, alleviate all your worries, provide you with everything you need (mortgage company, lawyer, inspectors, etc.), he will teach you about escrow, points, real estate taxes, offer, counter-offer, conveyances, policies, that at the end / closing day you will feel like a specialist! Ed is the man for a great, smooth, painless real estate transaction ! Thank you, Ed! M. & G. "

M & G

"I have worked with Ed Silva twice - once in 2009 when my wife and I sold our home in West Hartford, CT to purchase a home in Cheshire, CT. The second time was in 2014 when we had to move out of state and needed to sell our home in Cheshire. Ed was our realtor for all 3 transactions and we couldn’t be happier. In all transactions Ed was organized, thorough, and personable. He offered us an objective viewpoint on each house we toured, thereby helping us with our decisions. We found him to be knowledgeable about aspects of realty that surpassed just the legalities of buying and selling properties, and furthermore we were consistently impressed by his willingness to research questions he couldn't answer right away. He was always expedient in returning our calls, searching for properties, and setting up tours. When we were living out of state and had to sell our home in Cheshire, Ed went above and beyond the call of duty making sure that our home and property were well maintained for showings. Ed was instrumental at helping us navigate through a long distance sale and we couldn’t have done it without his help and knowledge of navigating through some issues we encountered with the inspection. I absolutely recommend Ed Silva to anybody looking to buy or sell a home. "

Claude H

"All 3 of us are extremely happy in our new Condo. The rooms and bathrooms still need some TLC but it feels like home to us. Your help and guidance gave us the opportunity to make this dream come true! Our " Home Sweet Home" is SWEETER in spite of the " Sweat Equity" factor. You pointed out the potential this home offered and in time it will be "way better".... and more so , "done the way we want it." { Kayla and Kelly said this}. In time the value of our home will increase and that will be the best reason for having made the purchase. Thank you for always being there to answer our concerns. You are truly dedicated to your buyer. Obtaining a mortgage was a challenge but you believed it was possible more than I believed it!! You are a wonderful Realtor and we appreciate your expertise. Much success to you. Expect referrals! Sincerely, DJ, Wallingford CT "

Donna J

"Here we come to the end of the process that was at some points a complicated one. It’s thanks to your deep experience and profound knowledge that we were able to clean the mess that we were in. It would have been impossible to face the challenges or overcome the obstacles had we listed the house with any other agent. Our experience with you is the proof that it requires a lot more than a state license to be a successful real estate agent or broker. It’s your honesty, dedication and attention to details that makes you a very distinguished and successful person. Therefore, we are so lucky that we have met you. As you know we still have family and friends in Connecticut and we are going to make sure they know whom to trust when it comes to any real estate transaction. Even though the house is sold, this is not the end. We consider this a beginning of a long-term relationship with you where we are going to need your advice in a future house purchase. It was an honor to meet you and we wish you and your family the best. "

Wael & Linda El Bettanini

""We just wanted to take a moment thank you for everything you did for us. From the very first day we met, you were upfront and honest. Through both of our transactions you always went above and beyond, and at one time did more than our lawyer. We could not have asked for a better realtor. At times it was difficult to tell whether you were a friend or an agent. We will never forget you and would gladly refer any of our remaining friends and family back in Ct to you. Thanks again for your help.""

• Gayle and Fernando

"You are truly a great, kind and sincere person. I didn't think there were any trustworthy people left in the business world, but you have taught me to trust a little more. I also want to thank you for all of the other small lessons you taught me along the way. I have not only bought my first home, but I have also grown as a person. Now I am a more confident person who knows that I can achieve anything I want if I am just patient, as you have taught me to be. You are so much mo"Ed, I really appreciate all of the extras that you have done for me and my family. re than a good realtor, you are a great teacher.""


"My wife and I entered a rough market to sell and had met with several realtors before we signed with Ed. Our meeting only solidified that Ed Silva was a true professional in his field, "The Real Deal." He is an excellent realtor who adheres to the principles located on his website including superior service, excellent time management and an understanding, local expert with unmatched commitment to the profession who provides support and has the inside knowledge of real time market conditions. Our experience taught us that Ed goes above and beyond. Ed Silva is a tough act to follow in the real estate profession. Thank You Again, Ed for being a true professional."

Rob & Nicole